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Evaluation Of A Nursing Internship Experience Based On An...

Practicum Evaluation Summary With ongoing monetary restraints and increased federal regulatory requirements over hospital-acquired conditions, health care executives, leaders, and providers are increasingly challenged to keep patient safe and deliver quality patient care. In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stopped reimbursing hospitals for cost associated with treating hospital-acquired stage III and IV pressure ulcers. According to CMS, Pressure ulcers and skin breakdown are serious patient care issue because most are considered reasonably preventable. Preventing skin breakdown and pressure ulcers are a high priority for acute care facilities. Health care facilities are engaging in evidence-based practices†¦show more content†¦The learning objectives for the practicum are relevant and purpose-driven activities the graduate nurse employed to obtain or meet the practicum goals. The first objective was to analyze the learning needs of the nursing staff in relations to wound c are, assessment and documentation. A training need assessment was developed to accomplish this objective. A training need assessment serves as a diagnostic tool to determine training needs. The training needs assessment assist in accomplishing individual and organizational goals and objectives. It reduces or identifies gaps between employee knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) and the KSAs that are required to perform a job or task. The developing a training need assessment was not an easy task because the primary focus were on job knowledge and allowing the assesse the opportunity to provide comments on further or future training needs. To better concept wound care, an extensive research on peer-reviewed or scholarly articles though of wounds though the University of Phoenix online libraries services. There were an overwhelming number of scholarly articles and literature from professional organizations. A bibliography of selected articles was complied and it related to the pra cticum goals and objectives. The second objective was to design a unit skin assessment, wound classification, and wound documentation educational program plan for

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Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson - 2104 Words

Name: Yuri Yi______________________ Period: 1_______________________ Title: Treasure Island Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Setting: (Where) Near Bristol, England and â€Å"Treasure Island† (When) During the 18th Century Protagonist(s): Jim Hawkins Antagonist(s): Long John Silver and his crew Describe the relationship between the Protagonist and Antagonist: Jim and Long John Silver are practical enemies as they try to retrieve the treasure on the island and claim it as theirs. Billy Bones, when he was alive, told Jim to be on the lookout for a one-legged pirate. This, in my opinion, would’ve made Long John Silver be percepted as a bad person in Jim’s perspective. Yet, Long John Silver is very kind Towards Jim and genuinely fond of him. Silver says he Jim reminds him of his younger self and is fond of Jim and shows his likeness. Give a DETAILED story summary: (Please attach 1 additional pg.) This books story begins as a boy named Jim Hawkins is urged to record his story about Treasure Island. He is urged by Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney, and other gentlemen. Jim starts his recording of his story, by first telling of the island’s exact location and the location of the treasure that is buried on that island. Jim then recounts of the time of meeting with a seaman at the Admiral Benbow, the inn his father owns. The seaman had walked into the Admiral Benbow,Show MoreRelated`` Requiem `` By Robert Louis Stevenson Essay1534 Words   |  7 Pagesthink of when one brings up Robert Louis Stevenson? Perhaps his great works, Treasure Island or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Maybe his successful and adventurous life, full of travel and fame (Editors). What one may not think of is the areas of his life that were wrought with disease, struggle and homesickness. Stevenson’s life was full of adventure, but much of i t was as a result of him attempting to escape his tubercular existence (Bosch). The themes presented in Robert Louis Stevenson’s lesser knownRead MoreLiterary Elements Of The Victorian Era1238 Words   |  5 Pagesstarted to appear in this age (â€Å"Victorian Literature†). As people started to use these themes in their writings, common literary elements started to change. Treasure Island and The War of the Worlds have common literary elements, such as: exciting and nerve-racking plots, various forms of symbolism, and unique writing styles by both Wells and Stevenson. When aliens crash land in England, there was not much panic. However, when they started to build their giant machines, and exterminate the civiliansRead MoreRobert Stevensons Treasure Island Essay563 Words   |  3 PagesIn Robert Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Jim, the protagonist, tried to get Captain Flint’s legendary treasure while fighting lying, deceitful pirates. Robert Louis Stevenson used suspense, imagery, and foreshadowing as part of his craft to tell the story of Treasure Island. Each literary technique had a significant impact on the plot and characters. One example of author’s craft in Treasure Island is suspense. One way suspense is used is leaving cliffhangers at the ends of many of the chapters, makingRead More Robert Stevenson Essay1629 Words   |  7 Pages Robert Louis Stevenson began writing during the Victorian era. His style was unlike anyone elseamp;#8217;s and his stories are still popular today. Robert Louis Stevenson was an author of many classic novels and his literary success became popular when he wrote the mystery called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886 at the young age of thirty-six. He was born on November 13, 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. HisRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Jim Hawkins In Treasure Island834 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough there are many characters throughout Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins is the most prominent because he is the main protagonist of the story. On the other hand, Long John Silver is also a notable character in the novel because he is the main antagonist of the story. Robert Louis Stevenson effectively incorporated their traits and actions into the novel; therefore, both are crucial to the plot of Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins, the protagonist, is the primary narrator of the novel. He is the sonRead MoreThe Life and Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson2668 Words   |  11 PagesRobert Louis Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson is one of the greatest authors to hail from Britain. His writings have been enjoyed by countless since he masterfully wrote them down. Stevenson uses characterization, imagery, and conflict to keep his readers captivated by his works in Treasure Island, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Kidnapped. Robert Louis Stevenson was born on November 13, 1850 in Scotland. Being the only son of a famous civil engineer, Stevenson was expected to continueRead More Evolution of the Character Jim in Stevensons Treasure Island654 Words   |  3 PagesEvolution of the Character Jim in Stevensons Treasure Island    Everyone has two sides to their personality. Sometimes one side is displayed and other times the opposite side is displayed. In 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson created, Treasure Island. While some of the characters in this novel are extremely witty, and courageous; others are full of animosity, deceit, and greed. In this novel the main character shows all of these characteristics. Jim Hawkins is introduced from the opening of theRead MoreTheme Of Criminality In Treasure Island1021 Words   |  5 PagesTreasure Island is a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson, and directed by Byron Haskin in the movie â€Å"Treasure Island† (1950), the themes of Criminality and Exploration are evident throughout the book. Throughout this essay, I shall discuss about the importance of both themes and how they represented through the story of â€Å"Treasure Island†. The theme of Criminality is shown throughout the book when Billy Bones (the Captain) and Long John Silver (the antagonist) receives the Black Spot, whichRead MoreHistory Through Music And Movies1597 Words   |  7 Pagesvs. adults The Youth Vs The World The Treasure Island movies can be utilized in order to view the youth s stance compared to adults during their respective time period. Treasure Island, a book created by Robert Louis Stevenson, depicts the story of a young boy who suddenly finds himself on a wild adventure after acquiring a treasure map. Jim and his new shipmates discover most of the crew on board the ship are mutinous pirates. Now stranded on the island, Jim must mature quickly as he goes onRead MoreAnalysis of Chapter 28 in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island2563 Words   |  11 Pages‘Treasure Island’ was written by Robert Louis Stevenson and published in 1883, although it previously appeared in children’s magazine ‘Young Folks’ between 1881 and 1882 under the title of ‘The Sea Cook’ but it was later changed to ‘Treasure Island’. The novel is split into five parts-I will analyze chapter twenty eight, it is the first chapter of the last part of the novel called ‘Silver’, and Silver is the main character in this chapter. While analyzing this chapter I want to look at its contribution

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HRM for a XYZ Enterprise-Free-Sample for Students-Myassignment

Question: Disucss about the on Human Resource Management for a XYZ Enterprise. Answer: Introduction The report is a discussion on human resource management for a XYZ enterprise providing scientific service to a varied number of industries in Alberta. In recent times, the company is experiencing challenges that are affecting the revenue of the company. Therefore, there has been a need for human resources remedies for checking on the turnover issues of the company. Keeping in mind, the presence scenario, the report puts forward the new benefits program of the human resource. The report also mentions the importance of discipline policy and the complaints policy. Finally, the report also puts forward the methods for gauging the employee morale. Define the New Benefits Program of Human Resource The benefit programs of Human Resource department for XYZ include increasing the employee morale. The human resource department must also coach the employees for aligning their goals with the business objectives (Bratton Gold, 2012).. Through the benefit program the human resource department, every department ensures customer service as their utmost priority that will help in the company to gain competitive advantage. In addition to this, the human resource can undertake benefit programs related to disability, health, life insurance, accident insurance, retirement and flexible spending accounts and paid time off to the employees. Define the Discipline Policy of Human Resource Discipline defines the regulation and modulation of human activities for ensuring controlled performance (Salvendy, 2012). The implementation of Discipline Policy of Human Resource encourages the employees in conforming to the established job performance standards and behaves safely and sensibly at work. The Discipline Policy of human resource helps in promotion of orderly conduct, dedication and self-control amongst the employees. The promotion of orderly behavior amongst the employees helps them in attaining the organizational goals of XYZ. Define Complaints Policy including Company Obligations and Employee Rights Complaint Policy is a statement that outlines the steps undertaken by the employees for raising a concern that is contained in the handbook provided to the employees. The handbook provided to the new employees during their orientation (Guest Woodrow, 2012).This prime reason behind issuing this policy is to assure the employees that the organization they are working for is concerned with satisfaction of the employees. The contents of the complaint policy of the employee must have guidelines for every step of complaint and reporting. This is necessary because companies with open door policies might encourage the employees to feel that they have access to their immediate higher authorities in case they face any issues (Bratton Gold, 2012). Effective guidelines about the policy will help the employees to approach the right person in case of any problem. Complaints policy also helps the employees to approach the human resource department in case they are uncomfortable with any step taken by the company or they have complaints regarding the manager or supervisor. The policy also enables in the employee to participate in the process of investigation and provide as much details as possible. Methods used for Gauging Employee Morale Gauging the morale of the employee can help XYZ in defining the issues and concerns of the employee before they escalated to irresolvable problems that are irresolvable (Cantril, 2015). There are various methods used for measuring employee morale. This includes: By Encouraging the Employees to Discuss Any Matter: Through this method, the employees of XYZ are welcome to discuss any matter with the department of human resource. Ensuring an Annual Opinion Survey of the Employees: The annual opinion survey will help the human resource department of XYZ with information for determining the employee morale level and other opinions that employee might share anonymously Encouraging Employees for Making Comments and Suggestion for Improving Efficiency: This method applied by placing locked suggestion boxes around the workplace of XYZ. The suggestions collected presented to the company leadership during monthly meetings by the human resource department. Assessing the Turnover of the Organization through Exit Interviews: These interviews will enable the human resource department in determining or understanding the reasons for exit of the employees at XYZ Determining the Reasons for Involuntary Turnover: This will help in understanding the reasons involuntary dismissal of the employees at XYZ Making sure that Human Resource Department is Available for the Employees: This will help in measuring the job satisfaction and morale of the employees. Conclusion The report ends with a discussion on the methods for gauging the employee morale of XYZ enterprise. There is also discussion on the complaints policy and the discipline policy put forward by the human resource department for improving the status of the company. The report also discusses about the benefits program of the human resource department. References: Bratton, J., Gold, J. (2012).Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave Macmillan. Cantril, H. (2015).Gauging public opinion. Princeton University Press. Guest, D. E., Woodrow, C. (2012). Exploring the boundaries of human resource managers responsibilities.Journal of business ethics,111(1), 109-119. Knowles, M. S., Holton III, E. F., Swanson, R. A. (2014).The adult learner: The definitive classic in adult education and human resource development. Routledge Salvendy, G. (2012).Handbook of human factors and ergonomics. John Wiley Sons.